Talking super-Earths at a 2014 press briefing

Dr. Nicolas B. Cowan

Amherst College
Merrill Science Center 224
(when at UMass: LGRT 632)
Amherst, MA 01002

Curriculum Vitae


Amherst College --> Space Science Institute --> McGill University

I study the climate of exoplanets. Specifically, I construct maps of these distant worlds by monitoring how their brightness and color change with time (for a slightly more detailed description, read this review). In addition to empirical work on hot Jupiter atmospheres using the Spitzer Space Telescope, i'm leading an international team to figure out how next-generation space missions could map the surfaces of terrestrial exoplanets. I'm an instigator of the ExoClimes meetings, which (unsurprisingly!) cover most of the scientific areas that interest me. As a member of NASA's ExoPAG executive committee, I promote research in exoplanet climate and help map out the landscape of future exoplanet missions. When not working, I can usually be found playing with my son and enjoying the outdoors.